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With the landscape of the automotive and mobility sector rapidly changing, Move Mee provides the ideal platform for existing rental operators, franchised auto dealerships, and any organization and individuals that wish to join our revolution of the vehicle rental sector.

Move mee fleet

Utilise various locations & increase your fleet size at minimal cost

With Move Mee, every car can become a rental at any given location. You can utilise local contacts and offer cars in locations such as hotels and shopping centres. You can also add more vehicles to your rental fleet quickly and easy with no additional staff required.

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Increase your customer base

Move Mee has plenty of options to reach various buying groups and increase your customer base. You are now able to offer a covid-safe car rental experience to every customer, no matter the location.

Industry-leading Fleet Manager

Fleet Mangement

With Fleet Manager you have full visibility of every car in the fleet and the data to make real-time decisions to improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Performance Management

View your revenue and utilisation, and amend your rates and availability to react to your business needs.

Forecasting Management

Plan ahead with accurate demand forecasting to maximise fleet utilisation and pricing to react to market needs dynamically.

Leading Technology

We invest in state of the art technology systems so you have the best tools at your disposal to make the most out of your business. We have a full team of developers on hand to support you and are constantly improving our systems as new ideas emerge.

Customer Support

With a dedicated in-house customer support team all queries are answered in a timely and professional manner, and staff can action upgrades, amends and cancellations so you don't have to.