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Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport

Green Motion offers a free shuttle to your Move Mee rental car. Once you have picked up your luggage, go towards the exit in the arrivals hall. Then leave the airport building and you will see a restaurant in front of you (this is how you know you are going the correct way). Next, turn right and walk towards the taxi rank/tunnel (always keeping right). Once you are in the tunnel, walk 75 metres until you see the sign ‘Courtesy Bus Stop/Shuttle Bus/Bus de Cortesía’. One of Green Motion’s shuttle buses will pick you up at this stop.

If there is no bus when you arrive, another one will be on its way shortly.

If you have any queries, please call +34 952 23 61 84 or the mobile number +34 649 432 292.

Contact Information

Av.Garcia Morato 44
29004 Malaga


Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 22:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 22:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 22:00
Thursday 07:00 - 22:00
Friday 07:00 - 22:00
Saturday 07:00 - 22:00
Sunday 07:00 - 22:00
Bank Holidays 07:00 - 22:00

Useful Information

Where to collect your car

Please see details for each terminal above

Side of road

Right side

Temperature range

7-31°C (45-87°F)

Nearest city


Nearest petrol station


Languages spoken

Spanish and English

Nearest bus station

Ticket booth located outside of Terminal 3